Farah is the author of The Viking Assassin Series
Farah Cook was born in Denmark, in the land of the Vikings. She grew up in Copenhagen, and had a rich and highly imaginary childhood spending most of her time outdoors. At the age of twelve, she began writing several short stories to fuel her passion for storytelling.

Farah graduated with a BA in Political Science from Lund University in Sweden and MA in Arts from London Metropolitan University. She has lived in many countries, including Germany and New Zealand, but settled in London where she worked as a marketing manager for large financial conglomerates.

Her passion for storytelling remained, and at night she started to write all the things she’d imagine, and her  novel, City of Skies is the first book in the Viking Assassin Series. Farah lives in Guildford, just outside London with her husband Christopher, and their two sons Benjamin and Noah. She speaks six languages fluently including Danish, Swedish and German and writes full-time while doing her MA in Creative Writing at Surrey University.

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